Maine Trails, December '07 - January '08
Inside Cover
President's Message
Cover Story: Three Mainers who have kept the state
Member News: Two for the road
Conversations with the Committee
An old dream gets a new face
Association News: Challenges and opportunities

President’s Message
Tired of talking about bridges?
Get ready for more talk of failing bridges and highways. By Lauren Corey

Cover Story
Three who have kept Maine moving.
11th Maine Transportation Awards. By Douglas Rooks

Maine News
Conversations with the Committee.
Maine Trails talks with Reps. Hogan and Mazurek. By Maria Fuentes

Old dream, new face.
Cianbro’s Peter Vigue talks about his vision for an East-West Highway.
By Doug Rooks

Association News
Challenges and opportunities.
International perspectives broaden state outlook at 57th Maine Transportation Conference. By Kathryn Buxton

Member News
Two for the road.
Family tradition continues at Central Equipment Company and White Sign.
By Kathryn Buxton

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