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Two sides of the story

The maine development Foundation and Maine Better Transportation Association have released a new report that looks at the benefits of investment in transportation and, in counterpoint, the effects of neglect of the state’s transportation infrastructure.
The Difference is Night and Day: Why investing in highways and bridges is an investment in prosperity is a behind-the-scenes look at the data that the economic research organization examined when it included a transportation indicator in its annual Measures of Growth report. The council first included the new benchmark in its 2007 report, giving transportation a red flag indicating that the state’s pattern of underinvestment presents a significant impediment to the state’s economic development.
“We looked at both the positive and negative consequences of investment or underinvestment, and the conclusion we came to was very clear,” said Maine Development Foundation President Laurie Lachance. “A well maintained, efficient transportation system can bring new business to the state.

It can help make existing businesses more competitive. It also nets significant safety and quality of life benefits for our citizens.”

The report includes 18 facts about transportation investment. Nine show the dangers of underinvestment and neglect; nine demonstrate the benefits of adequate, strategic investments.


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