Maine Trails, October - November '09
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Question 6
Giving their all
Burns' Fencing
MBTA celebrates 70
President’s Message
Falling apart. Even with voter passage of the transportation bond, Maine’s roads and bridges are in danger of failing.
By Thomas A. Martin, Jr.
Cover Story
Exit strategies. Augusta looks for cost-effective congestion solutions in the expansion of I-295 Exit 113.
By Douglas Rooks
Maine News
Voters approve Question 6. The transportation bond passes by a 2-1 margin; two critical questions are voted down.
By Kathryn Buxton
Hopes for a TIGER in Maine’s tank. Maine vies with other states for competitive ARRA grants.
By Kathryn Buxton
Association News
Giving their all. MBTA members raise $35,000 for Infrastructure Fund and scholarships.
MBTA celebrates 70.
Member News
On guard. Burns’ Fencing shows how good fences – and guardrail – make good business.
By Kathryn Buxton


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