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Crystal Manzer’s fish story

Crystal Manzer’s fish story

By Wayne Salter
On Friday morning, September 17, at a Irving Oil customer appreciation event at the Ledges Lodge in Doaktown, New Brunswick, an MBTA member made fishing history.
Crystal Manzer of Bruce A. Manzer Inc. caught an incredible salmon. Crystal hooked the fish at around 10:30 a.m. at the Millbrook Pool on the Miramichi River. It immediately went to the bottom of the pool, where it remained for the next 30 minutes. Crystal, a first time salmon fisherwoman, did everything right. She maintained tension on the line thus burying the hook deep into the fish. After the half an hour the fish began to move, and Crystal continued to work the fish for another 30 minutes before landing her prize.
During this time the fish surfaced twice and Mark Barnes, of Shaw Brothers, made the comment it is not a salmon, it is a shark. It was 97 centimeters or 38 inches in length. When weighed, it came in at just over 22 pounds. Manzer’s catch tied for the largest fish caught at the Ledges Lodge this year. The lodge took a copy of the picture and it will be up on the wall for all fishermen to admire and envy.
The rules of river require that this fish had to be released, but we got this great picture of the fine fish and the happy fisherwoman.
For Crystal’s achievement, she unanimously was voted the Most Valuable Fisherperson trophy for the two-day event. Lloyd Lyons was the guide (he is with Crystal in the photo), with Mark Barnes, and Derek Cooling of Irving Oil present for the catch. Congratulations Crystal, from your friends at Irving Oil and the MBTA.

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