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What’s the worst road in Maine?

The MBTA launches the ‘FixMaineRoads’ Project to raise awareness of poor roads and their impact on Maine.

Bad roads are a nuisance. They slow us down. They damage our vehicles and cost the average Maine driver $250 every year in additional maintenance costs. Bad roads increase the cost of doing business. And they present a serious safety risk to drivers.
This winter, the MBTA is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the effects bad roads have on everyday life and work in Maine. The “Fix Maine Roads” project is inviting drivers from all areas of Maine to tell us their stories of the worst roads in Maine: accidents that happened, damage caused to their vehicles and the time they lose every day because of rough roads.
We are also asking Mainers to nominate the roads they think are the worst road in Maine. Here’s how it works:
MBTA has a web page (, a special e-mail address ( and a Facebook page (www.facebook/FixMaineRoads) where Mainers can send their photos and stories about “The Worst Road in Maine.”
One grand prize will be awarded to the person submitting “The Worst Road in Maine” at the end of the 2010 pothole season in May.
MBTA also will award prizes to two runners up.
For more information, visit or E-mail your entry – including a photo that represents why your road is so bad – to
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