Maine Trails, February - March '10
Inside Cover
President's Message
The $23 million question
Special delivery
Ready and waiting
Will Maine get a ‘jobs bond’?
Questions of transportation
Maine snares a TIGER
Farewell to Hanington
The business of social change

President’s Message
Why rail? Why highways and bridges? Transportation infrastructure is a good investment, even in the most challenged economies.
By Thomas H. Martin, Jr.

Cover Stories
The Rail Issue
The $23 million question. What to do with 233 miles of soon-to-be-abandoned rail line in northern Maine. By Doug Rooks
Special delivery. There’s keen public interest in Maine’s first comprehensive rail plan. By Kathryn Buxton
Ready and waiting. A $35 million federal grant for the Downeaster will extend service and bring jobs to coastal Maine. By Kathryn Buxton
Maine News
The jobs bond. The Governor and legislature have plans for a ‘home-grown’ stimulus program.
Questions of transportation. Maria Fuentes talks with Transportation Committee members Rep. Charles Theriault (D-Madawaska), Rep. Kimberley Rosen (R-Bucksport), Rep. Douglas Thomas (R-Ripley).
Maine Snares a TIGER. Maine receives $14 million in stimulus funds for its three deepwater ports.
Maine Motor Transport bids farewell. Trucking advocate Dale Hanington retires.
Association News
A growing fan base. MBTA’s campaign to find “The Worst Road in Maine” gains fans across the state.
Member News
The business of social change. John Melrose and Maine Tomorrow are helping find solutions to complex problems.
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