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MBTA launches 2nd annual ‘Worst Road Contest’

Last year’s “Worst Road in Maine Contest” was such a success, we’ve decided to hold it again. Why? If you drive, you know. Maine roads are a mess and something needs to be done.
The purpose of the 2011 Worst Road in Maine contest is to let Maine residents get the word out and encourage state leaders to take action to invest in Maine’s transportation infrastructure.
“A recent study shows that the average Mainer pays $250 a year in added vehicle maintenance costs due to bad roads, but the truth is there is a greater cost in safety risks, reduced mobility and lost business opportunity,” said Maine Better Transportation Association Executive Director Maria Fuentes.
Last year Martha Jordan won top prize – a $250 gift certificate for car repair – when her entry, Route 219 from Turner to Leeds, was crowned “Worst Road in Maine.” Jordan sent in photos and told a compelling story about a bent rim, busted tire, lost wheel bearing and $1,000 repair bill. Hers was one of many entries from all corners of the state. There were so many good entries in the first year, the MBTA named several runners up, as well.
Fuentes predicts that this year’s contest will be another good one because, if anything, many of Maine’s roads are in even worse condition. “We got great publicity last year,” she said. “It was in the newspapers, TV and a very popular page on Facebook – we had nearly 1,100 fans.”
Fuentes encourages MBTA members to urge friends and neighbors to enter.
“‘Like’ us on Facebook and help us spread the word. By tapping into the power of social media, we can raise public awareness of the danger and cost of bad public roads,” said Fuentes.
What’s the worst road in Maine?
DRIVING IN MAINE CAN BE A CHALLENGE. Our state, in fact, has some of the worst roads and bridges in the region: 26 percent of its federal-aid highways have poor pavement. Maine’s bridges, too, need attention and 34 percent of the state’s bridges are deficient, compared to a national average of 25 percent.
FMI: Do you have a candidate for the “Worst Road in Maine”? Visit
or for information, contest rules and to enter.


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