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Turnpike, MaineDOT outline 2012 capital investment plans

The maine turnpike authority and MaineDOT recently announced plans for the 2012 construction season. The turnpike plans to advertise nearly $43 million in capital construction projects in 2012, while MaineDOT intends to advertise $228 million in capital expenditures.
MTA Plan
The MTA capital program will invest $42.975 million in its bridges, pavement, interchanges, environmental mitigation and tolling facilities. The first turnpike projects were slated for advertisement in January 2012. 
All told, the turnpike 2012 plan includes four bridge rehabilitation and two bridge repair projects totaling $15.8 million. The program also calls for six miles of pavement rehabilitation in Litchfield, five miles of paving, plus drainage and guardrail improvements in Biddeford; and pavement rehabilitation at the Scarborough and South Portland interchanges for $11 million.
There also are several projects in the “other” category including: improvements to two interchanges (Auburn and Lewiston); a Biddeford wetlands mitigation project; improvements to the Gray maintenance facility; and work on the New Gloucester open road tolling facility. In all, these investments are budgeted at $16 million.
MaineDOT plan
The MaineDOT plan includes 231 capital projects all told including: 31 bridge projects (of which nine are bridge replacements); 26 highway construction projects; 71 highway preservation projects, including resurfacing and some rehabilitation projects; 16 light capital paving projects; 62 safety and spot improvement projects; and 25 multimodal projects.
At the low end of the 2012 plan are a series of intersection improvement projects budgeted at less than $20,000. At the high end are extensive highway and bridge projects including replacement of the Turner Center Bridge (budgeted at $7 million - $10 million) and removal of the Graham Lake Dam Bridge, and relocation of Route 180 in Ellsworth ($4 million - $5.01 million).
Several high profile projects are also included in the plan, such as Phase 3 of the Caribou Connector ($1.3 million - $1.7 million) and work to modify Exit 113 on I-95 in Augusta ($9.7 million - $11.99 million). The Augusta interchange is the biggest ticket item in the list ($9.7 million - $11,9).
MaineDOT also announced it has added $104 million to its current work plan, the result of a more optimistic outlook in upcoming federal funding and extremely competitive bids during the 2011 construction season. Several months ago, prospects called for a less than rosy scenario.
Approximately $98 million of that $104 million will be spent on capital projects. Most of that work will be advertised next year. Another $6 million is slated for highway and bridge design work and scoping that will cover approximately 20 highway projects and 13 bridge projects. It’s expected that about 50 percent of that work will go to outside consulting firms.
FMI: Download information on both plans, look for the link in the “Hot Topic” box at


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