Maine Trails, February - March '13
Inside Cover
Taking it to the streets
Shipping news
Highway Fund watch
More data, less work
News from the Belfast & Moosehead line
Tasking issues
Paper, ink and miles to go
William DelMonaco Sr.
Change is good
President’s Message
Taking it to the streets. MBTA launches a new effort to raise awareness.
By Doug Hermann, MBTA President.
Cover Story
Shipping news. Maine’s deepwater ports attract new shippers.
By Kathryn Buxton.
Maine News
Finding balance. The Highway Fund, the Maine State Police and the Maine Constitution.
More data, less work. MaineDOT’s new work plan.
Belfast & Moosehead Line: Group advances preservation plans.
By Robert E. Holland
Association News
Tasking issues. MBTA Funding Task Force launches public awareness effort to tackle bad roads, deficient bridges.
Member News
Paper, ink and miles to go. Transportation at core of printer’s acquisitions.
By Kathryn Buxton.
Appreciation: William DelMonaco, Sr.
MaineDOT View
Change is good. MaineDOT’s new and improved work plan. By David Bernhardt, P.E., MaineDOT Commissioner


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