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Oct 25

Written by: MBTA -
Thursday, October 25, 2012 


TRIP report: A ‘stark view’ of personal, business cost of bad roads
AUGUSTA, ME – Maine transportation leaders reacted today to the release of a new report by The Road Information Program (TRIP), calling for increased investment in the state’s roads and bridges to improve safety, save lives and money and improve the state’s business climate. The report is titled Maine Transportation by the Numbers: Meeting the State’s Need for Safe and Efficient Mobility.
“The TRIP report offers a stark view of just how badly the lack of transportation funding is hurting Mainers and Maine businesses,” said Doug Hermann, president of the Maine Better Transportation. “Bad roads increase highway fatalities. They cost Mainers hundreds of extra dollars every year in car repairs, and they put a heavy burden on our businesses struggling to stay competitive.”
Hermann said that the MBTA finds several figures in the report particularly alarming, including a 30 percent increase in car repair costs due to bad roads since TRIP last released data on Maine roads in October 2009.  According to the report released today, Mainers pay between $299 and $516 in additional repairs due to bad roads – a $50 average increase since 2009. Repair costs are highest in Portland ($516) and Bangor ($375).
“Just imagine how much these bad roads are costing our businesses, considering that 81 percent of Maine goods travel over our roads,” said Hermann.
TRIP cites MaineDOT figures calling for “an additional $150 million annually over the next decade to allow the state to meet legislative goals for improving road and bridge conditions, improving traffic safety and addressing some traffic congestion challenges.”
“It is clear from TRIP’s findings that every day we delay investing in our highways and bridges, we are holding up a big STOP sign on our economy,” said Hermann.
The full report can be downloaded at or The MBTA is a statewide member organization representing 650 businesses, municipalities and individuals committed to advocating for investment in safe, efficient transportation infrastructure for Maine. For more information, please visit: