MBTA Educational Foundation

The Maine Better Transportation Association has a separate 501(c)3 charitable organization, the MBTA Educational Foundation, to award scholarships to Maine students in relevant transportation-related degree programs at community colleges and universities. Deadline for applications is September 22 and awards will be sent to institutions in January 2024. Students must complete the online application form, and provide a resume, a copy of their transcript, and a statement of interest. The interest statement (minimum of 150 words) should describe why you are pursuing a degree in transportation construction or engineering, or related fields such as construction trades, aviation, freight marine, diesel mechanics, or the like. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Scholarship recipients are selected by the Foundation Board of Directors, and preference is given to students attending Maine colleges or universities. Preference is also given to students who have worked in transportation, construction, engineering, or related fields, and/or who have shown other indications that construction or transportation is their career of choice. Applicants must:

  • Have completed high school or the equivalent and be enrolled in a relevant program of study.
  • Be accepted into relevant academic programs such as civil engineering, construction management, construction trades, marine, rail or aviation studies, heavy equipment operation, electrical, diesel mechanic or similar majors.
  • Provide a written essay (minimum of 150 words) describing why they wish to pursue a transportation- or construction-related career.
  • Submit an official or unofficial copy of transcript.
  • Provide a resume showing work history, honors, references, and any other information applicant may deem relevant.

The Selection Committee scores the applications as follows:

  • Academics: 30%
  • Work History: 30%
  • Written Essay: 30%
  • References/Other: 10%

Description of Scholarships

Transportation Trailblazer Scholarship:  $2,000

The Trailblazer Scholarship may be awarded for up to four years (applications required each year), provided the student is still enrolled in an undergraduate program in a transportation-related field. This award goes to a student attending college in Maine who has demonstrated leadership, has a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and is likely to remain in the transportation or construction industry in Maine.

Kenneth W. Burrill Scholarship:  Up to $1,500

This award was created in 2008 to honor an MBTA past president and long-time advocate for construction and transportation investment. Ken Burrill had a long history with H.E. Sargent and affiliated companies and served as president of Bridgecorp. He had a passion for politics and served as finance chair for some of Maine’s most prominent politicians, including US Senator Susan Collins. Ken was the chief fundraiser for dozens of state highway and transportation bond referendum campaigns for over 30 years. 

Timothy M. Folster Scholarship:  Minimum of $1,000

Tim Folster worked for H.E. Sargent, Sargent & Sargent, and Sargent for over 40 years, retiring in 2019 as Vice President of Operations. To honor his significant contributions to the company, the state and to MBTA, Herb Sargent and the employees of Sargent endowed a scholarship in Tim’s name. A past MBTA president, Tim serves on the MBTA Board and chairs the MBTA Educational Foundation Board of Directors. He is widely respected among the transportation industry for his extensive knowledge and brilliant mind. This award may go to a current or prospective engineering student, preferably civil or mechanical, who is committed to seeking employment in Maine, particularly in the construction industry. Preference may be given to an employee, or a family member of a Sargent employee.

Frank A. Healy Scholarship:  $1,000

The Frank A. Healy Scholarship was established by his two colleagues in the construction industry: Rodney Lane and John Wardwell, with contributions from MBTA members and Frank’s family and friends. A visionary past president of MBTA, Frank created the MBTA Infrastructure Development Fund to ensure that the association would have reserve funds for future education and advocacy campaigns. He was a mentor to many inside and outside The Lane Construction Corporation, where he retired after a long and distinguished career. In addition to his generosity, he was a fierce advocate for transportation and industry. Preference may be given to students at community colleges or UMaine, or who work for Northeast Paving, Dirigo Materials, Copiam or any Eurovia company (formerly The Lane Construction Corporation).

Paul M. Koziell:  Amount TBD

This scholarship is the Foundation’s newest award, created by the MBTA Educational Foundation to honor MBTA Past President Paul Koziell, who died in October 2022 in an accident along with his father-in-law Eldon Morrison. Eldon was founder and CEO of CPM Constructors, and Paul was president of the firm. An attorney by trade, Paul fell in love with construction after joining the family company and threw himself into the construction and management of CPM, eventually rising to President. Paul was passionate about encouraging and mentoring Maine students to enter the transportation workforce. He helped grow the MBTA scholarship endowment annually when he and his friend Bruce Hubbard sold hundreds of Super Raffle tickets to fund scholarships. Paul also chaired the MBTA Events Committee and helped launch the MBTA Road Warriors team that has raised money over seven years for the Dempsey Center for Cancer Care in Lewiston. He loved being involved in shaping public policy affecting the construction and transportation industry and was the sole representative from the transportation, construction, and engineering communities appointed by the Maine Legislature to the Blue-Ribbon Commission on Transportation Funding.

Millard W. Pray:  Amount Varies

This fund was established in 2003 by Eldon Morrison of CPM Constructors in honor of his friend and long-time business partner, Millard Pray, who joined the company in 1986. Matching funds were provided by MBTA members. Pray is a past president of MBTA and, along with his colleague Don Raye, was instrumental in expanding the scope and reach of the MBTA Educational Foundation. Millard is a self-taught, self-made individual who learned on the job and rose to the top of his profession. Millard makes the selections for the scholarship in his name, which goes to students who are affiliated with CPM Constructors, regardless of their fields of study.

Scholarships for Specific Colleges

Some of the scholarships awarded by the MBTA Educational Foundation are only open to students enrolled in transportation degree programs at the following schools:

  • Northern Maine Community College Paris Snowe Award. Amount: $500 – $1,000
  • UMaine Lucius Barrows Scholarship for Civil Engineering (CE). Amount: Up to $1,500
  • UMaine Construction Engineering Technology (CET). Amount: Up to $1,500
  • Southern Maine Community College. Amount: $500 – $1,000
  • Washington County Community College. Amount: $500 – $1,000
  • Eastern Maine Community College, Central Maine Community College, or Kennebec Valley Community College. Amount: $500 to $1,000
  • Maine Maritime Academy Scholarship. Amount: $500 to $1,000

Questions? Call MBTA at 207-622-0526 or maria@mbtaonline.org