Advancing safe, modern transportation

The MBTA is active in the legislative process, advocating for funding for roads and bridges, ports and rail facilities, airports and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The MBTA has an active Legislative Committee, and members work to identify issues and state and national legislation of interest to the organization and in line with the MBTA strategic plan goals and objectives. In addition to Executive Director Maria Fuentes, the MBTA employs a contract lobbyist to promote the association’s legislative agenda with the Maine Legislature.

MBTA, along with MaineDOT and the Maine Section ASCE, organize the Maine Transportation Conference, an event that for nearly 70 years has brought leading thinkers in the fields of transportation planning, technology and government together to explore innovative solutions to transportation challenges.

We sponsor regional meetings throughout the year, where members learn about transportation issues, challenges and innovations in different areas of the state. For the MBTA schedule, click on this link for Events.

The MBTA and its members also support the non-profit foundation, the MBTA Educational Foundation, that annually provides scholarships to Maine students pursuing careers in transportation.